C-energy develops VRF batteries

Our innovations

In an era of unprecedented energy evolution, C-energy is leading the charge. As catalysts for change, we electrify processed, pioneer bio-based materials, and create energy communities among others. We have all the in-house expertise to help you devise and implement a pioneering energy management strategy and propel your energy journey forward with innovative solutions.
Microwave technology

Electrification of industrial processes

Using microwave technology in industrial processes for heating, drying, sterilisation and pasteurisation, among others, forms an important link in the further electrification of our industry. The technology succeeds in heating suitable materials directly to the core, without transfer losses or use of a heat transport medium such as air or steam, which then heats the material to be treated.

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Energy hills

Our unique and patented Energy hills are as powerful as they are beautiful. Energy Hills are powerful hydrobatteries that manage your energy assets, while functioning as ecological landmarks at the same time.

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Bio-based building materials

Biobased construction materials are the key in reducing carbon emissions from the construction sector, which currently contributes 40% to the global emissions. By producing the required biomass locally, one can significantly reduce supply chains and transport energy. We hereby promote circularity and provide a means to cities to work on their ESG profile.

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Energy Community

Community Energy Systems

To turn your site net zero without disrupting your operations, you will need a system to manage your on-site renewables effectively. C-energy is developing this system. Collaborating with European experts in Community Energy Systems, C-energy is building the community energy system model, which will allow site operators to maximise reliability and cost savings while cutting down complexity. Read more about Cordeel's leadership on the Horizon Europe-funded project CREATORS via the link below.

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