Energy hills

Our unique and patented Energy hills are as powerful as they are beautiful. Energy Hills are powerful hydrobatteries that manage your energy assets, while functioning as ecological landmarks at the same time.

How does it work?

  • Creating a tailored solution

    We compose a multidisciplinary team of engineers and landscape architects to design a tailor-made energy storage solution and an ecological landmark that blends perfectly with its surroundings.

  • The hill and water basin

    We construct a green hill with an altitude of ca. 40 meters. A water basin is placed on top of that hill. The final design of the hill is adapted to local fauna and flora in order to make each site an integrated ecological habitat that blends perfectly in its surroundings. The interconnected basins - on top of the hill and at the bottom - are a closed circuit in order to limit the impact on local surface water or groundwater dynamics.

    Long-term, industrial activities can take place in fully integrated buildings. This results in our ‘Industry 4.0’, where industrial activity takes place in full symbiosis with nature.

  • Finding a perfect location

    This concept is perfectly suitable to develop any open plot of land, but also to (re)develop for instance brownfields, (abandoned) industrial sites or historic landfill locations. A waterbound site is preferable so the waterways can be used to avoid truck transport.
    Have a plot of land available? Contact us and we’ll see how we can make it work.

  • The paperwork

    Together we reach out to local stakeholders, environmental agencies, regional and federal authorities, etc. to find a common design that is widely supported by all parties involved. Our experience in this field allows us to create a smooth experience where we find a balance between meeting all the stakeholders’ demands to a maximum extent and obtaining the permits.

  • Hydroelectricity

    Green energy, coming directly from the excessive production of renewable energy sources or from imbalances on the electricity grid, can be used to pump up water and store this energy into a basin on top of the hill. This potential energy can be converted as hydroelectricity whenever needed.

  • Watch our demo movie