Solar Panels

Harness. Store. Charge

By generating renewable energy, efficiently storing it, and investing in EV charging stations, we pave the way for cleaner air, reduced carbon footprint, and a more resilient energy ecosystem.

Energy production

Solar panels offer a sustainable solution to energy needs by converting sunlight into electricity. This offers an attractive choice with advantages such as cost savings, payback time, energy independence and environmental benefits. Moreover, solar panels encourage technological development and increase property values. The C-energy PV installations across rooftops, expansive ground areas, and carports ensure maximum utilization of available space, transforming it into clean and renewable power sources. 

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Energy storage

Energy storage will inevitably play a vital role in any future-proof energy management strategy. Our battery solutions are what you need to drastically optimize the match between your energy consumption and your (renewable) energy production. With C-battery as our preferred partner,  we can optimise your energy consumption and help shape the future. 

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Electrical vehicles are way more than just a means of transport. They are a battery on wheels and can prove to be an important asset in the ecosystem of your organization. We offer a wide range of smart charging solutions to be used at work, home and in public areas. Want to stimulate green mobility? Together with our partners, we deliver aesthetically pleasing EV charging stations for your employees or visitors.

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