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Our solutions cover all aspects of energy management, from energy monitoring, to storage, optimization and trading. They will help you to pioneer in - not just respond to - the continuously changing energy landscape. We solve all your energy needs and challenges, even if you don't know them yet. That's what we call Energy as a Service.

The result? Higher profits for your organization and a more sustainable future for us all.

Your challenges...

High energy costs

Your energy costs are skyrocketing and you’re worried about the increasingly strict environmental regulations.

Your carbon footprint

You want to reduce your COemissions with COneutrality as the end-goal. Despite all the green power supply options, energy generation through fossil fuels remains a large emitter of CO2

Energy supply reliability

You need a strong and stable power supply to safeguard your operations.

… Our expertise

Energy cost optimization

With our Energy-as-a-Service solution, we help you compose the right energy mix. We help you lower grid usage fees or even to turn your energy surplus into a new revenue stream using our AI-driven energy trading system.

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Reducing your carbon footprint

Our green energy solutions will result in a significant reduction of your CO2 footprint.

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A continuous reliable energy supply

Local, decentralized energy production and storage, fully tailored to your needs, will allow you to ensure power availability at all times.

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Recent customer questions

We want to monitor our energy use to reduce our energy-related costs.
We want to power our facilities with renewable energy.
We want to ensure the health and well-being of the students in our student facilities.