Heat as a service

Heat as a Service

C-energy provides you with peace of mind regarding the transition to low-emission heating networks for new construction and total renovation projects.

What do we offer?

  • We optimize your heating & cooling system.
  • We invest for you in all systems and installations related to the generation, storage, distribution, and measurement of heat/cooling.
  • You pay for the consumed heat over a period of 20 years in the form of a connection fee, an annual fixed charge, and a heat tariff per MWh.
  • We take care of all maintenance, interventions, reparations and replacements of the assets.
After 20 years, you automatically receive the ownership rights of the energy assets at no cost.

 For whom?

  • Project developers & company owners related to the following sectors:
    • Healthcare
    • Residential and assisted living sites
    • Offices
    • Business parks
    • Industrial sites with multiple owners

Completely carefree


Financial engineering of collective low temperature networks to optimise the full life cycle cost of the heating & cooling system.


Build the complete network including geothermal & aerothermal installations and metering in collaboration with the civil contractor.  


Project financing and insurance.


Maintenance and total warranty of the assets over the lifetime of the contract.


As a Grid operator and Energy provider, C-energy is responsible for the smooth operation in all areas 24/7 including monitoring and billing.

Possible technologies

  • Collective heat generation and distribution at low temperature
  • All forms of geothermal energy
  • Heat pumps: air-water / air-air
  • Backup heating installations
  • Cooling (Active and Passive) and Ventilation
  • Energy Management System (EMS)


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