Solar Panels

Solar panels

Solar panels offer a sustainable solution to energy needs by converting sunlight into electricity. This offers an attractive choice with advantages such as cost savings, payback time, energy independence and environmental benefits. Moreover, solar panels encourage technological development and increase property values. The C-energy PV installations across rooftops, expansive ground areas, and carports ensure maximum utilization of available space, transforming it into clean and renewable power sources.


This smart application of renewable technology makes optimal use of unused space and contributes to the transition to green energy. With the ability to generate significant amounts of electricity while reducing environmental impact, solar panels on large roofs are an essential part of efforts to transform our energy sources and protect our planet. Find out how this top-view approach contributes to a more sustainable future for cities and businesses alike.

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Ground arrangement

Is your roof not suitable for solar panels, or is there no space left to add solar panels? Then a ground arrangement offers a great alternative.  For such set-up, it is important that it can be placed on a flat terrain. One of the advantages of this is that the installation can always be placed in the most favourable position in relation to the sun. Other advantages include efficient use of space, potential for large-scale energy production and lower installation costs compared to rooftop installations.

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Industrial carports with integrated solar panels represent an innovative approach to energy generation and infrastructure. These vehicle canopies not only provide weather protection but also act as powerful solar power plants. By capturing solar energy while providing functional space, these carports contribute to sustainable energy generation, reduced carbon footprint and maximisation of space efficiency. Explore how this smart synergy between infrastructure and renewable energy paves the way to a greener and energy-conscious future.

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