Bio-based building materials

The main goal of C-biotech is to provide sustainable solutions for the building sector, cities and society as a whole. We use industrial hemp as a biorefinery to produce biomass that can be used in insulation materials, hempwood, cladding as well as in engineered solutions such as charging stations and traffic poles.

Biobased construction materials are the key in reducing carbon emissions from the construction sector, which currently contributes 40% to the global emissions. By producing the required biomass locally, one can significantly reduce supply chains and transport energy. We hereby promote circularity and provide a means to cities to work on their ESG profile. We can literally grow traffic signs of the city IN the city. Can’t get more circular than that. There is a reason why the EU green deal mentions “Improving energy efficiency in the building sector will play a key role in achieving carbon-neutrality by 2050, a goal set out in the European Green Deal. Hemp can play a significant role in reaching this objective.”

And there is more. With hemp, C-biotech remediates historical contaminated soils (e.g. PFOS, heavy metals) in an ecological and natural way. Thanks to our bio-based materials, we also try to ensure that remediation also pays off for the farmer that cannot use contaminated land for harvesting crops.