Bio-based building materials

Using nature in the fight against historical pollution, that is the main goal of C-biotech. With hemp, C-biotech remediates historical contaminated soils in an ecological and natural way. Thanks to our research into innovative bio-based materials, we try to ensure that remediation also pays off for the farmer.

The initiative, led by Frederik Verstraete, started with ‘Fytolutions’, a group of entrepreneurs taking responsibility to work out a sustainable and definitive solution for the PFOS contamination in Zwijndrecht (BE). Since its start, a pilot project using a field of hemp to purify the soil has been successfully completed.

Since September ’22, the initiative has taken a next step by joining Cordeel Group under the name C-biotech with a focus on producing bio-based, sustainable building materials from the plants’ pollution-free stems.

How hemp gives back to nature and the building industry The hemp plants' deep roots absorb PFOS and nitrate after which it is stored in the plant's leaves and heads. However, the stems are pollution-free and, once harvested, extremely suitable for processing into durable and strong building materials.

Besides the purifying effect, the roots in turn bring oxygen back into the soil and space for water to penetrate deeper into the ground. The plants also remove large amounts of CO2 from the air and increase biodiversity in the environment. The growing process of the hemp plant is also very ecological; the crops grow without the use of pesticides, with a minimal amount of water and can be harvested up to 3 times a year.

Follow us in our mission to give hemp an important role as a raw material in the short chain of the future!