Partnership MEAM

C-energy invests in microwave technology

C-energy, part of Cordeel Group, has taken a shareholding in MEAM, a Belgian company with national and international activities in the field of industrial microwave technology. By implementing this technology in industrial processes for heating, drying, sterilisation and pasteurisation, among others, this company is an important link in the further electrification of our industry. This strategic partnership is therefore fully in line with C-energy's sustainability vision and its 'energy as a service' offering.

Sustainable and fast heating technology

MEAM, short for 'Microwave Energy Applications Management', develops smart, low-carbon solutions for the electrification of various industrial processes using industrial microwave technology. The technology succeeds in heating suitable materials directly to the core, without transfer losses or use of a heat transport medium such as air or steam, which then heats the material to be treated. This electrification of gas-driven heat processes by switching to microwave technology is fully in line with C-energy's vision of the future. The process makes energy transfer much more efficient and faster while also reducing and even eliminating on-site emissions of CO₂, NO₂ and SO₂.

The technology offers some additional advantages. The system does not require any warm-up time and less floor space is needed, which means the technology can also be implemented much more efficiently in terms of OPEX.

Stable energy supply

Besides the implementation of MEAM’s technology, which completely replaces the classic heating method using natural gas with microwave technology, there is always a second important issue to be resolved in parallel around the stable energy supply of the installation.

C-energy and MEAM will cooperate very intensively around this topic and in the future can also provide clients with the necessary expertise and guidance in their transition.

Carlo Groffils, CEO of MEAM: "The cooperation with C-energy will create new opportunities in other markets such as the construction sector to start with. It will enable MEAM to scale up and accelerate its growth. Moreover, we can benefit from the broad expertise and insights of C-energy and Cordeel Group in general."

Niko Bonnyns, Project Director C-energy: "We are excited to be part of this new innovation as an extension of our existing energy solutions.  In addition to our involvement in R&D, C-energy will also take an active role in developing the market for this new application."