Energy storage

Battery solutions

Energy storage will inevitably play a vital role in any future-proof energy management strategy. Our battery solutions are what you need to drastically optimize the match between your energy consumption and your (renewable) energy production.

Why focus on energy storage?

Risk mitigation

The production of some renewable energy sources can be rather unpredictable. A solid battery storage solution helps you to get the most out of your renewable energy sources and protects you and your company against power spikes and eventual power outages.

Grid stabilization

Due to the growing number of electrical vehicles and decentralized power generation solutions being used, grid stabilization is one of the key energy challenges. Energy storage solutions will prove to play a key role in matching energy production to consumption.

Optimize your energy-related costs

When you have an energy storage solution in place, we can set up an AI-driven peak shaving system that allows your organization to determine and influence its maximum peak load. This will allow you to avoid spikes in consumption and automatically optimize your grid usage costs.

We can even set up an AI-powered energy trading system that automatically buys and sells energy at the most profitable time, optimizing your energy-related costs. Your asset is being valorized in the market in the most profitable way.


Hydrogen battery (electrolysing)

Use the energy surplus of your renewable energy sources to power electrolysis, a process that separates water into hydrogen and oxygen. Our system stores that hydrogen and converts it into renewable energy whenever you need it.

The main advantages of a hydrogen battery:

  • zero greenhouse gas emissions when combined with a renewable energy source
  • Long service life
  • Long-term storage
  • Very scalable solution
  • Off-grid power potential (for instance to be used on construction sites)

Capacity: from 300kW to multi-MW systems

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Redoxflow battery (Vanadium)

With the ability to decouple power and energy, redoxflow batteries are a cost-effective solution for stationary storage, particularly in the case of long discharges and long storage periods.

The main advantages of a redoxflow battery:

  • Extremely low impact on the environment
  • Long service life (+20 years)
  • Flexible/modular design in power and capacity
  • Short response time
  • High round-trip efficiency (RTE)
  • True 100% Depth of discharge (DoD)
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Long- and short-term storage
  • Very scalable solution

Capacity: from 10kW to multi-MW systems

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Lithium-ion battery

The most commonly used Energy Storage System on the market today.

The main advantages of our Lithium-ion battery:

  • Stationary and mobile solutions for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Small footprint and high energy density
  • Integrated fire protection
  • Designed to be environmentally responsible and to minimize waste across their entire lifecycle
  • Ideal for trading, auto-consumption, peak shaving, backup power

Capacity: from 5 kWh to 3 MWh

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Energy hills

Our unique and patented Energy hills are as powerful as they are beautiful. Energy Hills are powerful hydrobatteries that function as ecological landmarks at the same time.

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