Grid OPT.

Peak shaving & AI grid balancing

Optimize your grid usage costs

When you have an energy storage solution in place, we can set up an AI-driven peak shaving system that allows your organization to determine and influence its maximum peak load. Avoid spikes in consumption and automatically optimize your grid usage costs.

Why peak shaving & AI grid balancing?

Lower grid usage costs

As an organization, it’s hard to avoid spikes in energy consumption. Grid operators, however, hate peak loads because they make it harder for them to balance the grid. So in many countries grid operators are increasingly charging large-scale consumers based on their max. peak load. 

Investing in energy storage solutions and peak shaving will help your organization to avoid unexpected spikes in consumption by temporarily scaling down production, activating an alternative on-site power generation system, or relying on an energy storage solution.The result: lower max. peak loads and, hence, lower grid usage costs.

Peak shaving

It’s AI-Driven

Our solution is fully AI-driven, which means it does all the work for you automatically. It never stops learning, it just keeps making smarter decisions every time.