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C-energy and GETEC Group: a strategic alliance for Belgium’s sustainable energy future

C-energy and GETEC Benelux, a leading provider of smart, efficient and sustainable energy solutions in Europe, today announced that they have entered a strategic partnership to offer innovative and sustainable energy solutions to the Belgian market. 

This collaboration is set to support ambitious industrial and real estate projects by combining C-energy’s technical and design expertise with GETEC’s long term financial commitment to the energy transition and professional asset management capabilities.

By leveraging the combined expertise of C-energy and GETEC for the financing, engineering, construction and operation of their energy, heating and cooling projects, manufacturers, developers, and municipalities can concentrate their full attention and efforts on their core business and objectives.

A Fusion of Technical Innovation and Financial Expertise

With its ‘energy-as-a-service’ model, C-energy offers bespoke energy solutions that cater to the specific needs and budgets of its projects and customers. Its role in this partnership is crucial, focusing on the design and technical development of energy projects that are at the cutting edge of innovation and practicality.

GETEC, a trusted name in the European energy service industry, brings to the partnership its capabilities in financing ambitious energy projects, thanks to its deep-seated technical and engineering expertise, and a commitment to sustainable energy practices. GETEC’s strategic role involves leveraging financial resources for its self-financed and owned energy plants and assets, ensuring the longevity and success of their operations and services.

Commitment to a Greener Tomorrow

The partnership is a strategic response to the growing demand for innovative and sustainable energy solutions. By leveraging each other’s strengths, C-energy and GETEC are committed to delivering energy projects that are not only ambitious and successful but also technically sound and financially robust. Energy projects can be either energy-as-a-service projects, heat-as-a-service projects or energy services initiatives.

This collaboration lays the foundation for supporting the ambitions of customers in the industrial and real estate sectors, aiming to create a greener future through innovative and sustainable energy practices.

The synergy between C-energy’s comprehensive energy management solutions, and GETEC’s expertise in energy asset financing and maintenance is the driving force behind this partnership,” stated Laurence Gacoin,  CEO of C-energy. “Our collaboration is poised to set new benchmarks for efficiency and sustainability in the energy sector.”

“We are extremely proud to work with C-energy for the very first such partnership of GETEC in the Benelux region. Uniting with C-energy allows us to create a robust platform for energy innovation,” added Martijn van der Zande, CEO of GETEC Benelux. “Our combined strengths will ensure the delivery of smart and sustainable energy solutions that will stand the test of time and support our customers in the transition towards smarter and greener energy management.”

C-energy and Getec

About GETEC Group (G+E GETEC Holding GmbH)

GETEC is a leading partner for smart, efficient and sustainable energy solutions to the industrial and real estate sectors in Europe. Our motto "We have the energy for more" is the guiding principle for over 2400 employees who use excellent engineering know-how, outstanding regulatory competence, high speed of action and proven sustainability expertise to help customers navigate through an increasingly complex energy world while reducing their carbon footprint. With 12000 plants generating more than 6 GW of thermal energy, GETEC is active in a total of nine countries from its four regional platforms in Germany, Switzerland, the Benelux and Italy, generating sales of 1.5 billion euros in 2022.

The Benelux Platform office is located in Rotterdam, and serves projects and customers in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

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