Energy monitoring

To measure is to know

C-scan is an integrated building monitoring system that monitors not only your water and energy use, but also crucial health and safety parameters for your residents, patients or employees.

To measure is to know: this tool will give you all the insights needed to help you save water, energy and money.


Why C-scan?

Save water, energy and money

Saving water, energy and money starts with measuring your use. C-scan helps you to find the biggest energy hogs and make smart decisions. Our experts help you find and implement the most effective solutions.

Monitor living & working environment

C-scan monitors crucial health & safety parameters of your residents, patients and employees: indoor air quality, temperature, humidity, light intensity, water leaks, indoor movement.

Real-time data

Monitor your organization's water and energy use in real time.

One platform for all your buildings

Easily monitor your company's building portfolio. Clear data visualizations make for easy and fast decisions.

Custom alerts and notifications

Get custom alerts (when threshold values are exceeded) and reports on what you find relevant and important.

For whom?



We help you to measure the right parameters to create the perfect working environment for your employees. And we find your biggest water and energy hogs so you can make smart decisions to save water, energy and money. 

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You have a portfolio of residential buildings and you'd like to save energy, water and money all while safeguarding your residents' health & safety? C-scan is the right solution for you.

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Save energy, water and money whilst monitoring health and safety parameters like a patient's movements, indoor air quality (CO2 and particulate matter concentration), light intensity, etc.

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Create an ideal and healthy learning environment with a well-managed light intensity and indoor air quality, all while saving energy, water and money.

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Find the biggest water and energy hogs and take smart decisions to save water, energy and money.

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