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The energy landscape is changing at an unseen pace which is undoubtedly affecting your organization. We know this, because we’re one of the organizations driving that change. This also means we have all the in-house expertise and solutions to help you devise and implement a pioneering energy management strategy.

Want to increase your profits with a sustainable and future-proof energy management system?

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Our solutions

All our services and solutions are tailored to your challenges and needs. So all our collaborations start with an in-depth analysis of your current situation and projections for the future. Based on that analysis we will propose a combination of the solutions below.


Energy monitoring

Our C-scan smart building monitoring system closely maps your water and energy use and costs and also provides crucial health and safety parameters for your residents, patients or employees. This is the perfect tool to map your current energy use and to learn which of the solutions below is best to help you save energy and money.

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Solar panel roof

Energy production

Renewable energy is the future. But that doesn’t always mean solar panels are the most efficient and effective solutions for your organization. Based on your needs, we offer a wide range of renewable energy solutions: solar panels, wind turbines, hydropower, hydrogen and cogeneration.

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Energy storage

Energy storage will inevitably play a vital role in any future-proof energy management strategy. Our battery solutions are what you need to better match your energy consumption with your (renewable) energy production. Big plans? Take a look at our energy hill solutions.

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Want to stimulate green mobility? Together with our partners, we deliver aesthetically pleasing EV charging stations and hydrogen stations for your employees and visitors.

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Peak shaving

Peak shaving & AI grid balancing

With an energy storage solution in place, we can set up an AI-driven peak shaving system that allows your organization to determine and influence its maximum peak load. Avoid spikes in consumption and automatically optimize your grid usage costs. 

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Energy trading

Energy storage also allows for energy trading. Our AI-powered energy trading platform takes into account your local energy requirements and then automatically buys and sells energy at the most profitable time. The result: you benefit from an interruption-free energy service, while your energy-related costs are continuously and automatically optimized. 

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Full DC power distribution

Stop wasting energy and money converting alternating current to direct current by integrating fully dedicated DC systems into your building(s).

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Biospheric ventilation

Biospheric ventilation

C-air is an innovative tailor-made (and retrofit) filtration technology that significantly reduces exposure to viral pathogens and enriches the indoor air with microorganisms derived from the forest. We bring nature back inside.

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CREATORS Consortium visit Temse

Community Energy Systems

To turn your site net zero without disrupting your operations, you will need a system to manage your on-site renewables effectively. C-energy is developing this system. Collaborating with European experts in Community Energy Systems, C-energy is building the community energy system model, which will allow site operators to maximise reliability and cost savings while cutting down complexity. Read more about Cordeel's leadership on the Horizon Europe-funded project CREATORS below.

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We want to power our facilities with renewable energy.
We want to ensure the health and well-being of the students in our student facilities.